Moving into a New Build – A Guide for 2021

moving into a new build

Once you have purchased a new build and all the requirements and legal requirements have been met, it’ll finally be time to move into your new house. 

As exciting as this is it’s important to remember there are still many steps to take and some things that can cause problems. So, here’s our easy guide on moving into your new build house and what you can do to prevent or resolve any issues.

Pre-move checklist

There are several things to check and have in place to ensure an easy moving process:

About a month before you move look at:

  • Getting removals quotes
  • Sorting out utilities and closing off old bills if moving from another property
  • Shopping around for insurances
  • Booking time off work to move.

A few weeks before:

  • Rearrange your post to your new address
  • Start notifying people and companies of your change of address

The week before:

  • Confirm your removals and start packing.
  • Sort out the process with your solicitors.

Get a snagging survey done

Despite some exceptions, most of the defects with new builds are minor cosmetic ones, therefore, a traditional survey is not required, instead, a snagging survey will be needed.

Just before you move it’s also an ideal time to get a snagging survey done is yesterday, but the next best thing is as soon as possible, which will probably be after the construction completion and before the move-in as most builders won’t allow it until after completion of the work. 

It’s important to hire a professional snagger for the survey as they know better than anyone what to look for.

Moving in day and your first week

When the day finally comes to move in there are a few final things to remember before you think about putting your feet up and popping that cork. 

Make sure you’re prepped for the day, up early and ready to collect your keys. Remember to also close off your previous utilities with final meter readings. 

The first week will also be a chance to check for any defects as your builder can argue it is the fault of the new owner if any faults are raised after the move-in. Log them, photograph them, and raise them to your builder as soon as you can and refer back to your warranty.

How Defect Assist can help

However, as keen and thorough as you, your solicitor, conveyancer, or snagging survey provider can be, problems can still arise, persist and not get resolved with your new build – even after following all of the steps above.

This is where we, with our years of combined experience in helping clients with problems related to moving into new build properties, can help. 

Defect Assist can offer new build advice, support, and guidance if any serious defects or problems arise after moving into your new build property, including the claims process.

We can investigate serious defects and determine whether they are covered by your warranty policy with our thorough reviewing process and industry experience.

If emergency new home repairs are needed we can also step in to ensure those responsible make these repairs. If this is not possible then we have partnered with a UK-wide provider who operates an emergency service all year round.

If you are the owner of new build and are experiencing issues call us today on 0113 518 1751 for a free consultation. 

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