Surveys and Specialist Reports

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Our surveys and specialist reports are specifically for uncovering major problems, faults and issues through non-compliance from house builders within new build properties. 

Unlike a snagging company, we focus on finding and highlighting serious defects in new homes which we will compile into a full and detailed report with photos and thorough analysis. 

Our surveys can then be used to come to a resolution with a developer to help get your issues resolved quickly and fairly. 

Additional Benefits with our Surveys and Reports

In addition to this, our surveys and the work we do can also support any surveys and reports you may have already had done. But whatever you choose, with us you’ll also benefit from:


➤ Industry expertise – with our history working in this sector, we are the only company that knows the construction process from the warranty point of view.

➤ Smart technology – we use various tools to help us identify issues, such as humidity sensors and infrared cameras.

➤ Insider knowledge – we also know how to deal with developers and can manage difficult conversations should any issues be found.

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