New Home Repairs

new home repairs

Emergency home repairs on a new build should usually be the responsibility of your developer or warranty provider, but if needed we can step in and help get these sorted.

We will always try to get your developer or warranty provider to resolve any of your new home repairs first, however, if this still fails to get the help you need, we can help.

If this is the case we have partnered with a UK-wide provider who operates an emergency service all year round.
What’s more, our surveyor will attend your new build and prepare a report to ensure any monies are claimed back based on either the developer or warranty provider’s obligations.

The Further Benefits of our New Home Repairs Service

As well as helping getting your repairs sorted, with our support you can also benefit from:

➤ Speedy resolution – we work fast and can help make sure your problems get fixed. We can also handle any difficult conversations with developers and warranty providers.


➤ The best approaches – our experience and expertise with new builds means we can advise the best approach in difficult and urgent situations.


➤ Peace of mind – once instructed we can deal with these often frustrating matters on your behalf.

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