Support with New Build Claims

new build claims compensation

With our support for new build claims service, we can investigate your defects and determine whether they are covered by your warranty policy and ensure that this is reflected in the claims report itself.

We often see random reports prepared where no link is made to the policy coverage, in turn reducing the success of any claim. But with our expertise and understanding we can quickly resolve this and make it clear whether your claim is valid.

With this we can then help get your claim accepted and ultimately get your problems resolved by those responsible for them.

More Reasons to Choose Defect Assist

In addition to making things clearer for you and getting your defects highlighted and ultimately resolved, by working with us you will also get:


➤ Industry knowledge – we have a detailed understanding of policy wordings, warranty provider and Developer obligations, Ombudsman expectations and the supporting requirements such as the Consumer Code.

➤ Fairness – our services can also provide transparency with your claims and timeframes.

➤ Peace of mind – by taking control of the situation with your claim, we can handle any challenging and frustrating situations you may encounter with developers and warranty providers.

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