New Build Advice, Support

& Dispute Resolution

new home advice

Using our industry expertise and knowledge, we can offer advice, plot a solution and provide support or dispute resolution with problems with your new build. 

If we identify any major defects with your property, or if you’re already in a dispute with a developer about getting your problems resolved, we can help you handle any challenges you might face with the claims process. 

On top of this, we can review your warranty and provide evidence of any breaches from your housebuilder to validate your claim and help escalate your case to get it sorted out quicker.

All of this will help ensure you get your problems sorted and you get the safe and secure home you paid for.

More Reasons to Choose Defect Assist

Alongside our years of experience, by choosing us to help support you with your claim or simply offer you advice you can also make the most of:


➤ Attention to detail – we know warranties like the back of our hand and can quickly understand the small print that can often catch you out when dealing with builders.

➤ Fairness – we can also take an objective view of your issues and claims and can let you know where you have a valid claim and where you don’t.

➤ No confrontation – having to ask the tough questions doesn’t suit everyone and we will always try to avoid this, but if needed we can help you get through any awkward conversations with builders or developers.

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