Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get about our services and the common issues people have with new build problems, disputes and more.

Our Services – FAQS

Defect Assist can undertake surveys to investigate the cause of defects and link these to the cover provided by your warranty or the standards your developer agreed to build to. On top of this we can provide advice and support, mediation, claims-specific support and even repairs where needed.

Prior to moving into a new home snagging is an extremely useful and sensible thing to have done, however once you are in, the only obligation your developer has is to have built in accordance with the warranty provider’s technical standards and requirements.

Defect Assist have specific knowledge and understanding of these obligations and standards and can advise, investigate and report on their compliance or otherwise.

Defect Assist get involved with many areas, however the most common problems are:

  • water leaks
  • condensation issues
  • heating problems
  • cracking
  • general movement
  • noise and sound issues
  • drainage problems
  • system failures

No, Defect Assist can help with converted and refurbished homes, give us a call and we can advise you on whether or not we can help.

Issues with Builders, Developers and Warranties – FAQs

If your new home is within the first two years of it being built, then the builder/developer normally has an obligation to undertake any repairs, but this depends on certain conditions.

Assuming you have a new home warranty, if you have evidence you have formally asked your builder/developer to undertake repair works and they have refused to do so or not replied, you must first speak to your ‘New Home Warranty’ provider.

Absolutely not, your new home should generally perform in a similar manner as a newly built home, however if the existing building is a Listed building under Planning Law then there may have been certain restrictions and therefore certain works may not have been fully compliant with some Building Regulations, for example sound transfer. However, the home should still be structurally sound, and watertight.

If you have notified your builder/developer within a two year period after completion, then they have an ongoing liability. Also, most ‘New Home Warranty’ providers allow a six-month extension after the initial two years for issues notified in that period.

You should contact Defect Assist, as we may be able to help. We also offer a free initial consultation.

Both sides have specific duties and responsibilities to adhere to with all this. If you need help getting this sorted, then contact Defect Assist as we may be able to help get it sorted after your initial free consultation.

Yes we can! With over 50 years’ collective experience in new home construction and new home warranties, we know what protections you have and what level of service you should expect.

Contact us, we may be able to help and we offer a free initial consultation.

Absolutely, with over 50 years’ collective experience we understand how warranties for new homes work.

Also, our experienced and qualified surveying staff can investigate and provide a detailed technical report which is compliant with your warranty provider’s expectations.

Contact Defect Assist and our friendly team will support you through the process.